Economy Foodservice Towels, 200 Count
Economy Foodservice Towels, 200 Count
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Economy Foodservice Towels, 200 Count


Economical Cascades PRO Tuff-Job® foodservice towels are durable, absorbent and reusable, ideal for general cleaning for the front and back of the house.

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Absorbent and reusable, Tuff-Job® foodservice towels are designed for light-duty cleaning applications to wipe up spills, food particles on tables, counters and serving areas. These towels are easy to rinse clean and dry fast ensuring a long-lasting product. This blue and white colored towel assists in masking stains for a cleaner appearance.

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Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 12.627 × 11.562 × 6.625 in


12 x 24


Length (in.)

Width (in.)

Height (in.)

Weight (Lb)


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